Flex Wing

The FlexWing Anterior Cervical Plate System is intended for anterior vertebral screw fixation of the cervical spine at levels C2-T1.

The System is indicated for temporary stabilization of the anterior spine during the development of
cervical spine fusions in patients with the following indications:
- Degenerative disc disease (as defined by neck pain of discogenic origin with degeneration disc
confirmed by patient history and radiographic studies);
- Spondylolisthesis
- Trauma (including fractures, dislocation)
- Spinal stenosis Tumors
- Deformity (defined as scoliosis, kyphosis, or lordosis)
- Pseudoarthrosis
- Failed previous fusion

Product Features

  • Flex Wing Anterior Cervical Plate

    • Patented locking system for preventing screw pullout

    • Low profile

    • No extra locking

    • Easy removal of screws

    • Dual thread self-drilling and self-tapping screws
  • Patented screw locking mechanism for preventing screw pull-out

    •Nitinol’s superelasticity makes easy opening for the screw insertion and fast return to its closed shape

    • Unique head design pushes the plate’s blocking pins away during the insertion and the removal of the screw

  • Pull in-out “Zero Step”

    • Patented locking mechanism prevents the screw pullout without attaching additional locking parts and using extra instruments

    • Not only pull in "Zero Step" but also pull out "Zero Step"

  • Dual Thread Screw

    • Dual thread provides optimal fixation in both cortical and cancellous bone

    • Self-drilling / Self-tapping are available for each size

    • Diameter : Ø 3.5 mm, Ø 4.0 mm

  • Drill Guide

    • The tip of the fixed angle drill guide mimics the head of the constrained screw in order to ensure the drilled hole is within the functional range of the fixed screw

    • The variable angle drill guide features a spherical head allowing increased angulation against the plate
  • Plate Holder

    • Push opens the holder for grabbing the plate

    • Steady holding after releasing of the push button.