Lingual Driver

Self Drilling & Self Tapping

Dual Top Anchor System is used to provide a fixed anchorage point for attachment of orthodontic appliances to facilitate the orthodontic movement of teeth. It is used temporarily and is removed after orthodontic treatment has been completed.
Screws are intended for single use only. For use on adults over the age of 12.


[DUALTOP & GBR] Product Introduction

Product Features

  • Titanium Alloy Material

    Increased compatibility with CT and MRI
    Biocompatible, corrosion-resistant and non-toxic in a biological environment.
  • Thread Length Choice

    For best fit of distal threads into far bone fragment to bear increased interfragmentary compression.

  • Self-Tapping Flutes

    Reduced OR time by eliminating the need for tapping.
  • Immediate Loading

    Dual Top works as an anchor for immediate loading.

  • Collar for Gingiva Protection

    Each screw has collar.
  • No Incision and Flapping

    Self-drilling and self-tapping allows no incision.

  • Easy Removal

    After the treatment, remove the screw by simple unscrewing.
  • Applicable to Various Locations

    It is small and can be implanted in different areas where needed.