2.3/2.8 Foot


The ARIX Foot System is intended for use in internal fixation, reconstruction, or arthrodesis of small bones including the fore, mid- and hind foot and ankle.
Examples of these procedures may include but are not limited to replantation, lag screw techniques, joint fusions, corrective osteotomies, and the treatment of fractures.

Product Features

  • Fore / Midfoot Plate

    Low plate profile with thickness 1.3 mm & 1.6 mm
    Pure titanium ASTM F-67
    Ø 2.3 & Ø 2.8 mm T8 screws available with locking & non-locking options
    For hallux valgus, fore / midfoot fractures
  • Self-Tapping Screw Options

    Self-Tapping Locking Screws(Ø 2.3 mm, Ø 2.8 mm) : 8 mm - 26 mm
    Self-Tapping Non-Locking Screws(Ø 2.3 mm, Ø 2.8mm) : 6 mm - 26 mm

  • Self Drilling Screw (Not for Plates)

    Low screw head profile
    Titanium alloy ASTM F-136
    Ø 2.0 mm & Ø 2.7 mm
    For hallux valgus, fore / midfoot fractures
  • Materials of Implants

    All plates are made from pure titanium material in conformity with ASTM F67.
    All screws are made from titanium alloy material in conformity with ASTM F136.
    Titanium is the ideal material for implants.
    It is biocompatible, corrosion resistant, and non-toxic in biological environments.

  • Variable Locking Interface with Locking Screw

    Poly-axial screw insertion
    Angle range: ±15°
    Plate-screw locking interface