Distal Fibula Plate / Lateral Distal Fibula Plate / Fibula Hook Plate

ARIX ANKLE SYSTEM is intended for use in internal fixation of Lateral distal fibula.


[ARIX OS] ARIX Distal Fibula Surgical Guide

Product Features

  • 3.5 Distal Fibula Plate

    • Scalloped edges of the plate for syndesmotic screw placement outside the plate without compromising plate position

    • Low profile with 2.0 mm thickness

    • 12 Anterolateral / 6 Straight distal fibula plates

    • Ø 3.5 mm Screws (lockng/non-locking)
  • Anatomically Pre-contoured Plate Design

    • The Pre-contoured ARIX Fibula Plates fit the average shape of the
    distal fibula and thus requires minimal plate bending

    • Additional bending of distal fibula plates could be needed
    depending on patients’ bone anatomy

    • Plate bending can be done by using the plate bender

  • 2.8 /3.5 Lateral Distal Fibula Plate

    • Anatomically pre-contoured

    • Low profile with 2.0 mm thickness(min.1.3 mm)

    • No screw head overhang avoids irritation

    • Ø 3.5 mm Screws (lockng/non-locking)

    • Ø 2.8 mm Locking screws (Optional)
  • Refined Shape of the Plate Head is Based on the Bone Anatomy

    • Posteroinferior end of distal fibula corresponds to the recess for the posterior talo-fibular ligament(PTFL)

    • Screw holes over posterior talo-fibular ligament(PTFL) is redundant due to its thickness which only allows placement of very short screws

    • No screw penetration in the recess for PTF ligament minimizes soft tissue irritation & potential articular cartilage damage

  • Fibula Hook Plate

    • Low profile plate thickness 1.4mm & 2.0mm

    • Lower surface with variable curvature

    • Tapered proximal end for percutaneous insertion

    • Ø 3.5 mm Screws (lockng/non-locking)