Ulna Osteotomy Plate / 2.0 Distal Ulna Plate

ARIX WRIST ULNA OSTEOTOMY SYSTEM is intended for fractures and osteotomies, in particular for the ulna.

ARIX WRIST SYSTEM DISTAL ULNA is indicated for fixation of fractures, osteotomies, nonunions, replantations,
and fusions of small bones and small bone fragments, particularly in the osteopenic bone.


[ARIX OS] ARIX Ulna Osteotomy System

Product Features

  • 2.8 Ulna Osteotomy Plates

    • Designed for fractures and osteotomies, in particular for the ulna.

    • Anatomical width variance considering distal parts of ulna

    • Plate thickness: 3.0 mm

    • Additional compression using compression holes

    • Ø 2.8 mm Screws (locking/non-locking)

    • Ø 2.8 mm Peg screws
  • Easy Sawing Guide

    • Sawing Guide allow easier and faster osteotomy

    • Transverse & oblique types are available

    • Allowed adjustment 1mm to 10mm

  • Dual-Purpose Peg Screw

    • Stabilize the ulna and help maintain rotational alignment while creating the osteotomy

    • Compression & fixation dual-purpose

    • Ø 2.8 mm Peg screws
  • Advanced Instrumentation

    • Reduction clamp utilizes a speed-lock wheel make a hands-free compression of the osteotomy

    • Solid compression by ulna reduction forceps

    • Sawing guide allows resection of the desired amount.

    • Peg screw partially threaded to help ensure that the far cortex is not tapped prior to it being replaced by a screw.

  • 2.0 Distal Ulna Plate

    • Pointed hooks for ulna styloid anchoring

    • Plate thickness: 1.6mm

    • Compression hole for inter-fragmentary compression

    • Narrow and low profile design and smoothing edges to minimize soft tissue irritation

    • Ø 2.0 mm Srews(locking/non-locking)