Le Forte Neuro System

0.3Ultra Low Profile Plate / 0.6 Low profile Plate

LeForte Neuro System is intended for use in selective trauma of the cranial skeleton, cranial surgery and reconstructive procedures.


[NEURO] Neuro Product Introduction

[NEURO] LeForte Neuro Training Video

Product Features

  • 0.3 Ultra Low Profile Plate

    • Ultra low profile plate thickness:0.3mm

    • Color: Green - Extra Rigid

    • Straight / Square / Gap Type/ Double Y / Burr Hole Types
  • 0.6 Low profile Plate

    • Low profile plate thickness:0.6mm

    • Color: Green - Malleable / Silver - Medium / Blue – Rigid

    •Straight / Mid Gap Type Square / Double Y / Burr Hole Type

  • Self-drilling Screw

    • Self-drilling provides efficient performance by reducing preparation time and constantly ensures a precise and durable bond.

    • Ø 1.4 mm Self-drilling screws for 0.3 plates

    • Ø 1.5 mm Self-drilling screws for 0.6 plates
  • 0.4 Low Profile Plates

    • Mesh type of plate

    • Plate thickness:0.3mm

    • Color: Green - Malleable / Silver - Medium

    • Mastoid mesh & Temporal mesh types are available

  • LeForte Neuro System Meshes

    • Mesh type of plate

    • MD/ ME /MA types are optional
  • Ultra Low Profile Screw Head

    • Ultra low profile screw head with 0.3 plate

    • Low profile screw head with 0.6 plate

  • Minimize the Irritation

    • Low profile screw head minimizes the foreign body sensation after the surgery

    • Rounded edges to minimize the irritation of near by soft tissues
  • Available in Sterile Package

    • Quick, safe and stable fixation of cranial bone flaps to cranium

    • Simple and easy application resulting in time and the cost savings

  • Easy and Fast Screw Insertion, Smarto

    • Disposable battery powered driver

    • Battery powered screwdriver in sterile package

    • Single use disposable design eliminates need for autoclaving and repairing

    • Optimal speed for screw placement for cranial bone flaps