LeForte Angled Driver

LeForte System

This device is intended for use in selective trauma of the mid-face;
reconstruction procedures; and selective orthognathic surgery of the maxilla and chin.


[LEFORTE] Leforte Maxilo Facial Product Introduction

Product Features

  • Overview

    Leforte System II has Four tray for Midface, Mandible Trauma, Orthognathic and Mandible Recon.
    They are made of aluminum material providing durability and stability.
    Leforte System II is intended for use in Orthognathic Surgery, Mid Face Fractures, Mandible Fractures, Mandible Subcondyler Fractures, and Mandible Reconstruction.
  • Materials of Implants

    All plates are made from pure titanium material in conformity with ASTM F67.
    All screws are made from titanium alloy material (TI 6AL 4V ELI) in conformity with ASTM F136.
    The titanium is an ideal material for implant. It is biocompatible, corrosion resistant, and non-toxic in biological environment.

  • Locking plates have same outer size with normal mini plates

    Usually plate outline tends to be bigger in case of locking mechanism.
    All mini locking plates in LeForte System have same outline size with conventional mini plates.
  • Uniform Hole Distance for 100% Compatibility with 3 Prong Bender

    L, Y, Z shaped mini plates have uniform hole distances.
    3 Prong Bender works with L, Y, Z shaped mini plates in 100% compatibility.

  • Locking and Cortical Screws can be used in a same plate hole

    Mini and Maxi locking plates accept both of locking and cortical screws in a same plate hole.
    Surgeons may choose an appropriate type of screw as surgical needs.
  • 15° Off-Axis Locking System

    Mini Locking Plates allow 15° Off-Axis screw angulation in all directions.

  • Strength Reinforced

    Micro and Mid screws in LeForte System have increased strength in screw head and threads than conventional screws.
  • Uniform and Optimal Screw Retention

    All screws in LeForte System are designed to have optimal screw to blade retention uniformly.

  • Screw Thread design improvement for better bone grasp

    All screws in LeForte System have the modified geometrical threads design to enhance pull-out strength and bone grasp in final tightening of screw in bone.
  • Screw Tip design improvement for less soft tissue irritation

    All screws in LeForte System have more rounded screw tip to decrease soft tissue irritation.