Guided Bone Regeneration

The GBR System are intended for use in stabilizing and fixating bone grafts, bone filling material and/or barrier membranes used for guided bone/tissue regeneration in the oral cavity.


[DUALTOP & GBR] Product Introduction

Product Features

  • Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)

    • JEILMEDICAL Corporation provides a comprehensive line of high-quality products for Guided Bone Regeneration.

    • This can be accomplished by using bone grafts, biocompatible membranes, and fixation screws.

    • Single patient use only.
  • Screws

    • Wide head screw - fits better to GBR mesh and membrane thanks to the wider head

    • Tenting screw - creates and secures the space for bone graft

    • Self-drilling screw - simplifies screwing process

    • Mini screw - enables screw insertion without tapping procedure

  • J-Tac

    • Tacking system for stabilizing a membrane on maxilla / mandible

    • Its dome-shaped head and barbed pin keep the membrane anchored on the bone after operation.

    • Straight or angled J-Tac shafts in conjunction with screwdriver body with silicone cap can pick-up and place the J-Tacs.
  • Meshes

    • Horizontal Smooth Bending Mesh -enables horizontal / vertical bone volume augmentation of implants site for guided bone regeneration.

    • Fixation Hole Mesh-can be used as an alternative to a membrane, and also enables simultaneous GBR with dental Implant.

  • Bonesier

    • Bone collector to harvest autograft bone for filling defect bone

    • Surgeons can harvest 0.25cc bone or more with only 2~3 times stroke with the Bonesier

    • Its transparent cap let doctors visually check the accumulated bone amount.