Sternal System

ARIX STERNAL SYSTEM is intended for use in the stabilization and fixation of the fractures of the anterior chest wall including sternal fixation following sternotomy and sternal reconstructive surgical procedures to promote fusion.


[ARIX CS] ARIX Sternal System

[ARIX CS] ARIX Sternal System Surgical Guide

[ARIX CS] Arix Sternal - Surgical Guide Video

Product Features

  • Variety Types of Plates

    • The ARIX Sternal Plates are designed with a variety of sternal fractures or sternotomy aplates in broad anatomically.

    • Required patients and structures available.
  • 1.6mm Thickness

    • Minimize the thickness toreduce to foreign body sensation

    • Thin but strong

    • High mechanical strength and stability

  • Rounded Edges

    • Rounded edges to minimize the irritation of near by soft tissues

    • Reduced total volume of the plate
  • Double-sided Plates

    • No wrong side

    • Locking mechanism applicable from both sides

    • No sharp edges

  • Low Profile Screw Head

    • Screw head is exposed only 0.2mm above the plate line

    • Low profile minimizes the foreign body sensation after the surgery

    • Minimized screw exposure reduces the unnecessary damages to surrounding tissues
  • 2.4 Self-drilling Screw

    • Self-drilling provides efficient performance by reducing preparation time and constantly ensures a precise and durable bond.

    • Ø 2.4mm Self-drilling screw

    • Ø 2.7mm Self-tapping screw (emergency)

  • Available in Sterile Package

    • Gamma sterilization options are available

    • Sterilized single use