2.5 Volar Distal Radius - Wrist

Volar Distal Radius Locking Plate

The ARIX Wrist System(Radius) is intended for use in forearm fractures, osteotomies and arthrodesis.
The ARIX Wrist System(Ulna) is intended for fractures and osteotomies, in particular for the ulna.


[ARIX OS] ARIX Distal Radius Surgical Guide

Product Features

  • Materials of Implants

    All plates are made of pure titanium material in conformity with ASTM F67.
    All screws are made of titanium alloy material in conformity with ASTM F136.
    The titanium is an ideal material for implant.
    It is biocompatible, corrosion resistant, and non-toxic in biological environment.
  • General

    Anatomically designed for optimal fitting
    Rounded edge for minimal soft tissue irritation
    Low profile but enough rigidity
    Poly-axial locking mechanism up to ±15°
    Window for fracture line position
    Guide pin holes for temporary plate fixation
    Drill guide block for accurate drilling angle