1.5 / 2.0 Hand Locking Plate

The ARIX Hand System is intended for use in internal fixation of the bones of hand and wrist.
Examples of these procedures may include but are not limited to replantation,
lag screw techniques, joint fusions, corrective osteotomies, and the treatment of fractures.

Product Features

  • Comprehensive Plates and Screws

    • Comprehensive plates and screws to treat full range of hand fractures

    • Anatomically pre-contoured plate design for hand

    • Plate thickness :0.6 mm, 1.0 mm, and 1.3 mm

    • Ø 1.5 / 2.0 Screws (locking/non-locking)
  • Low Profile Plate and Screw Head

    • Low profile plate and screw head reduce soft tissue irritation

    • Offset plate holes to improved rotational stability through offset hole alignment

  • Variable Angle Locking Technology

    •Strong and stable fixation of locking system

    •More options to strategically place the locking screws

    • H1: 15° off-axis screw
    • H2: 10° off-axis screw
  • Color Code System

    • Quick identification of components for easy surgical procedures

    • Green: H1 plate(0.6mm) / Blue: H2 plate (1.0mm) / Sliver: H2 plate(1.3mm)

    • Dot or band are marked in colors on instruments for quick identification

    • Green: Ø1.5mm screws / Blue: Ø 2.0mm screws