1.3 /1.6 Midface System

This device is intended for use in selective trauma of the mid-face;
reconstruction procedures; and selective orthognathic surgery of the maxilla and chin.


[LEFORTE] Leforte Maxilo Facial Product Introduction

Product Features

  • 1.3 Mid Face Plate (Micro)

    • Micro Plate Thickness: 0.5mm

    • Variable shape of plates are available

    • Straight / Orbital / L / Square / X plates
  • 1.3 Micro Screw

    • Ø 1.3mm Micro screws (non-locking)

    • Ø 1.4mm Micro self-drilling screws

    • Ø 1.5mm Micro emergency screws

  • 1.6 Mid Face Plate (Mid)

    • Mid plate thickness: 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.6mm

    • Variable shape of plates are available

    • Straight / Orbital / L / Double Y / Square / Y / I / Double L / RC (left & right) plates

  • 1.6 Mid Screw

    • Ø 1.6mm Mid screws (non-locking)

    • Ø 1.6mm Mid self-drilling micro screws

    • Ø 1.8mm Mid emergency screws

  • Specially designed for Less irritation

    • Rounded edges to minimize the irritation of near by soft tissues

    • Low profile plate&screw

    • Reduced total volume of the plate
  • Color code system for easy recognition

    • Gold color for "Micro" plates & screws

    • Sliver color for "Mid" plates & screws

    • Purple color for "Emergency" screws

  • Strength Reinforced

    • Micro and mid screws in Le Forte System have increased strength
    in screw head and threads than conventional screws
  • Uniform and Optimal Screw Retention

    • All screws in Le Forte System are designed to have optimal screw
    to blade retention uniformly

  • Screw Thread Design Improvement for Better Bone Grasp

    • All screws in Le Forte System have the modified geometrical threads design
    to enhrence pull-out strength and bone grasp in final tightening of screw in bone