Mandible Trauma & Recon

2.0 Mandible Trauma / 2.4 Mandible Reconstruction

This device is intended for use in selective trauma of the mid-face;
reconstruction procedures; and selective orthognathic surgery of the maxilla and chin.

Product Features

  • Mandible Trauma Plate (Mini)

    • Mini Plate Thickness: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.3mm

    Combination with
    • Ø 2.0mm Mini screws
    • Ø 2.0 mm Selfdrilling mini screws
    • Ø 2.0 mm Locking Mini screws
    • IMF screws
  • Mandible Reconstruction Plate (Maxi)

    •Maxi Plate Thickness: 1.3mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm

    Combination with
    • Ø 2.4mm Maxi screws
    • Ø 2.4mm Locking
    • Maxi screws

  • Uniform Hole Distance for 100% Compatibility with 3 Prong Bender

    • L, Y, Z shaped mini plates have uniform hole distances

    • 3 Prong Bender works with L, Y, Z shaped mini plates in 100% compatibility
  • Locking and Cortical Screws can be used in a same plate hole

    • Mini and Maxi locking plates accept both of locking and cortical screws in a same plate hole

    • Surgeons may choose an appropriate type of screw as surgical needs

  • 15° Off-Axis Locking System

    • Mini Locking Plates allow 15° Off-Axis screw angulation in all directions
  • Strength Reinforced

    • Micro and Mid screws in LeForte System have increased strength in screw head and threads than conventional screws

  • Uniform and Optimal Screw Retention

    • All screws in LeForte System are designed to have optimal screw to blade retention uniformly
  • Screw Thread design improvement for better bone grasp

    • All screws in LeForte System have the modified geometrical threads design to enhance pull-out strength and bone grasp in final tightening of screw in bone