2.8/3.5 Distal Fibula - Ankle

Lateral Distal Fibula Plate

The ARIX Ankle System(Fibula) is intended for use in internal fixation of the distal fibula.


[ARIX OS] ARIX Distal Fibula Surgical Guide

Product Features

  • General Features

    Anatomically pre-contoured
    Low profile with 2.0 mm thickness
    No screw head overhang avoids irritation
    Four choices in screw types and sizes
    Locking and cortical screws
    2.8 mm or 3.5 mm in screw diameter
    Variable locking up to ± 15°
    Plates length with 3 to 8 shaft screw holes
  • Refined shape of the plate head is based on the bone anatomy

    Posteroinferior end of distal fibula corresponds to the recess for the posterior talo-fibular ligament(PTFL).
    Screw holes over posterior talo-fibular ligament(PTFL) is redundant due to its thickness which only allows placement of very short screws.
    No screw penetration in the recess for PTF ligament minimizes soft tissue irritation & potential articular cartilage damage.

  • STARIX Screw with self-retaining function

    Internal recess T10 according to international standard
    Minimizes the risk of cam-out and recess breakage
    Allows higher torque transmission
    Optimal self-retaining function achieved through precision machining
  • Variable Locking Interface with Locking Screw

    Poly-axial screw insertion
    Angle range: ±15°
    Plate-screw locking interface