2.8 Ulna Osteotomy - Wrist

ARIX Ulna Osteotomy System

ARIX Ulna Osteotomy System is intended for fractures and osteotomies, in particular for the ulna.


[ARIX OS] ARIX Ulna Osteotomy System

Product Features

  • Plates

    Anatomical width variance considering distal, middle, and proximal parts of ulna.
  • Benefits of Locking Plating System

    Locking plate and screw system provides more stable fixation than conventional plate and screw system.
    Locking screws will not loosen from the plate during the healing process.
    Locking screws do not rely on bone to plate compression.
    A fixed angle construct can be created by using locking screws in osteopenic bone or multifragmentary fractures where secure bone purchase with conventional screws may be compromised.

  • Minimal Soft Tissue Irritation

    Anatomic arch design for less irritation Low overall profile of the plate and screw construct for minimal soft tissue irritation.