ARIX Wrist System - 2.5 Carpal Fusion Plate

2.5 Carpal Fusion Locking Plate System

Carpal Fusion Plate

The carpal bones are important for the stability of the carpus and the hand.

However, the size and shape of the carpal bones make the application of standard implants difficult.

Therefore, the ARIX Carpal Fusion Plate provides a specially designed solution for carpal bone fracture and management.

ARIX Carpal Fusion Plate also pursues the pain-free mobility and stability for hand acts in daily living by fixing four-corner bones.


  • Cup Type Fusion Plate (6 / 7 screw hole)
  • Variable Locking up to ±15°
  • Two Screw Types - Locking & Non-locking Screws Available
  • Low Profile Locking Plate
  • Φ1.1mm K-wire fixation hole
  • Easy Positioning with Plate Holder
  • Two Plate Variations with 6 & 7 Hole Plates


The 3-dimensional plate design is optimized for four-corner and other limited wrist fusion procedures.

Easy Handling

The ARIX Carpal Fusion Plates provide Plate Holder for easy plate positioning on carpal bone.

Wide range of adjustable screw insertion angles helps to hold the bone fracture fragments more effectively.