GBR System - Bone Screw

Bone Screws for Fixation of Bone Blocks and Mesh in Dental Guided Bone Regeneration
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Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) is a procedure that regenerates missing bone prior to the placement of dental implants.
This can be accomplished by using bone grafts, bio-compatible membranes, and fixation screws.

Bone Grafts may be autologous bone harvested from the patient’s own body, allograft bone, or synthetic materials.
Jeil GBR System offers options for customized kit configuration. Users may choose screws, meshes, and instruments.
Doctors may choose necessary screws, meshes, and instruments in a block.

The GBR System are intended for use in stabilizing and fixating bone grafts, bone filling material and/or barrier membranes used for guided bone/tissue regeneration in the oral cavity.
Single patient use only.
It is made of Pure Titanium (Plate – ASTM F67) and Titanium alloy (Screw – ASTM F136).
GBR System plate & Screw and its accessories (instruments) should be sterilized before use.