Speedy Flap

Cranial Bone Flap Fixation System

Cranial Bone Flap Fixation System - Quick, Safe and Stable fixation of cranial bone flaps to cranium. Simple, Easy, Time and Cost Saving


12mm, 16mm, 20mm diameter clamps

Made with Titanium Alloy


1.Position Speedy Flap clamp equidistantly by inserting the lower clamp between the dura and cranium.

2. Place the bone flap in its original position. Hold the clamp in place with Holding Forceps to prevent unintentional movement.

3. Insert the Applying Forceps in to clamp rod. Press together the Applying Forceps handle to tighten the upper clamp against the cranium. Remove the Holding Forceps prior to final tightening.

4. Remove the external protruding rod with Rod Cutter. Hold the rod while cutting.

5. Use the Removal Forceps when re entry is required.