Compression Bandage for Face
Post Surgical Chin Strap Bandage, Compression Garment, Facial Mask

-Offers Pulling of Facial Skin after Face Peeling
-Accelerates Hemostasis by Skin Fixation
-Relieves Edema & Swelling after Facial Bone Contouring Surgery
-Enhances Lifting Effect after Laser Surgeries (V Line, Face Lifting, etc.)

JEIL BANDAGE is to help Recovery after various facial surgeries (plastic surgery, facial peeling, laser surgeries)
JEIL BANDAGE holds patients’ face/facial skin tightly, not only to relieve swelling & edema, but also to help Hemostasis & Blood Coagulation.
When used after Laser Surgeries(Acculift , V Line Surgery, etc.), JEIL BANDAGE Enhances the Lifting Effects.

* Consult a doctor prior of use this product